Station 3 is centrally located directly outside of downtown Houston, on Houston Avenue.  We are so close to downtown that most downtown hotel shuttles will drive your guests to our venue at no charge!


Station 3 is a 5,800 square foot, two story building with high, fourteen ft. ceilings.  Both levels have an open floor plan concept . Station 3 offers a variety of venue rental packages to meet your individual event needs. Our pricing is based on the day of the week and the number of hours you rent the venue. The building is also available for rental for photo shoots (Bridals, Engagement, etc.) and film projects. Contact us to explore the wonderful possibilities for your unique rental needs!

*The city and state recognize Station 3 as a historic landmark! 


  • Automated loading and unloading zone for vendors
  • Four commercial restrooms and one handicap accessible restroom with baby changing station 
  • Wheel chair and freight lift to second floor
  • Outdoor courtyard area
  • Small Bridal Suite area with comfortable seating, full length mirror, wet bar, and everything necessary to make a bride feel at home
  • Private catering area with refrigeration, sink, and prepping area


Whether you are having a small, intimate wedding or a more extravagant wedding, Station 3 can comfortably accommodate parties of 150 guests in our 5,800 square foot building (room capacity is relevant to layout configuration. See "Layout" tab for diagram of maximum seating capacities).  In some cases a maximum capacity of 225 can be accommodated if guests are not all on one floor at one time. 


Located directly outside of downtown Houston, Station 3 is the perfect location for all of your corporate events, private parties, holiday celebrations, training programs, catered dinners, and general assembly.


What is your maximum capacity?

The maximum capacity of the entire building is 250 (guests plus all staff /vendors). This number changes drastically depending on the number of tables, chairs, furniture, etc. that you add to the building. For a wedding we typically recommend keeping your guest count closer to a maximum of 150 for maximum comfort. Please contact one of our Venue Coordinators/Managers for more details about your event and type of format you have in mind for a more customized answer.

How many people can you fit Your a 60” round table? 

Seats 8-10 guests

What size linen do I need for Your 60” round tables?  

Linen size (round) 132", touches the floor

What size linen do I need for Your 48” round table?  

Linen size (round) 120", touches the floor

What size linen do I need for Your Bar High COcktail Tables?  

Linen size (round) 120", touches the floor

How many people can you fit at a 6’ x 30” Rectangle Tables? 

Seats 6-8 guests

What size linen do I need for a 6’ x 30” rectangle table?

Linen size (banquet) 90" x 132"

HOw many tables and chairs do you have in your inventory:

(30) 6' x 30" Rectangles, (6) 60" Rounds, (10) 30" Bar Highs, (1) 48" Round, (1) Decorative Bar, (2) Bar Risers (to be used on top of one of our 6' x 30" tables)

What do your chairs look like?

























Station 3 Event Setup & Clean Up Policies 

  • Station 3 will set up Station 3 tables & chairs one time (unless 10 hour rental package has been booked which includes the cost of one room flip) according to the agreed upon layout. If a room flip is necessary this must be arranged for in advance with Station 3 and the Room Flip fee of $350 for parties of 100 or less; $500 for parties over 100 will be added to your total.
  • At this time only LED/flameless candles may be used at the venue. This is subject to change and will be updated once we are granted permission from the City of Houston.
  • Station 3 will provide tear down of all Station 3 tables and chairs at the end of the night. Any furniture, additional tables or outside chairs brought in from another vendor must be broken down and picked up by the rental company at the end of the night.
  • All dancing must take place downstairs as the upstairs floors are original 100+ year old wood and for historical preservation and safety purposes we will not be able to allow dancing on these floors.
  • Catering/Clients must remove all trash from the premises at the end of the night (with the exception of bathroom trash cans). If all trash has not been removed from the building and taken to the dumpster you will not receive $500 of your $1,000 Security Deposit back.
  •  Catering/Clients are responsible for the sweeping and mopping of any spills and/or trash on the floors (we are not asking for you to sweep and mop the whole building just items spilled that can leave the floors sticky or ruined if not mopped up that night).
  • Station 3 does not provide linens of any kind including the Bar tables. Downstairs Bar requires (2) 90” x 132” rectangle linens and each additional bar requires (1) "Bar Cover" linen (or 2 -90"x 132" rectangular linens) for the doubled tiered 6’ x 30” bar setup.
  • All items must be removed from the catering refrigerator/kitchens and bridal suite refrigerator at the end of the night.
  •  Rental items must be picked up and removed from premises at the end of the night. Please make sure to allow enough time for this in your clean up time.
  • Catering/Clients must check out with the onsite Station 3 Event Coordinator before leaving at the end of the night.  Not checking out with Station 3 Event Coordinator will result in loss of deposit.

Wedding Responsibilities Checklist:  

  • Do you have a Professional Wedding Planner or Day of Wedding Coordinator? 
  •  Station 3 does not provide any linens for events including the bars and buffet tables. Have linens been ordered for these? 
  • Have cups been ordered/purchase for the bar? 
  •  If having the Ceremony at Station 3, who will be responsible for getting everyone lined up correctly and down the aisle (they will also need to conduct the Rehearsal)? (This needs to be someone other than the Venue Coordinators; they will be making sure guests know where to go, and helping with other responsibilities in order for the Ceremony to start on time. )
  • Who will be responsible for pinning on boutonnieres?
  • When room-flip is being performed, who will be responsible for re-decorating the room after (linens on tables, centerpieces, moving cake/desserts to the cake table, etc)?
  • Who will be responsible for cutting the cake?
  • Do you have forks, plates and napkins for the cake?
  • Do you have a cake cutter for both/each of your cakes?
  • Do you have the garter for the garter toss?
  • Do you have a throwing bouquet for the bouquet toss? Who will be responsible for having this available for the bouquet toss?
  • Do you want to keep top tier of cake? If yes, who is responsible for taking this home?
  • Do you have something to box up all leftover cake/sweets at the end of the event?
  • Will caterer allow for leftovers to be boxed up and taken home? If yes, who is responsible for taking this home?
  • Does your DJ need a table for each of the areas you are using in the building (downstairs, courtyard & upstairs) for their setup? If yes, how many tables total and do you have a linen for each of these?
  • Is your DJ aware that there are multiple spaces that will need music and will need to provide speakers for each of these spaces?
  • Who will be responsible for pulling up the “exit car” for the grand exit?
  • Has caterer been made aware of our “clean up” policies?
  • Has caterer been told that they must provide a copy of their Liability Insurance?
  • If the caterers are not scheduled to provide full service wait staffing to clear the tables after dinner and remove all trash from the property at the end of the event, who will be responsible to do this? (You will need to hire a staffing agency to provide this service as Station 3 is not responsible for this service).
  •  If confetti, flower petals or any other similar items are used during the event then the client will be responsible for assigning someone to sweep this up at the end of the event as this exceeds our standard cleanup. Who will this be? 

Toss/Exit Items for “Couples Exit” Policies (Only Applicable for Weddings) 

Not Allowed:

  • Fireworks
  • Rice (harmful to animals if ingested)
  • Silk petals; nothing that is not biodegradable
  • Airborne lanterns

Allowable Items (Outside):

  • Lavender and other wildflower seeds ***
  • Bubbles
  • Glow Sticks
  • Ribbon Wands
  • Real flower petals ***
  • Confetti (biodegradable)***
  • Bird Seed ***
  • Sparklers (you must obtain a permit from the city in order to use these within the city limits)                                                                                                                                               ***Please note that if confetti, flower petals or any other similar items are used during the event then the client will be responsible for assigning someone to sweep this up at the end of the event as this exceeds our standard cleanup.***

Allowable Items (Inside):

  • Noise makers
  • Bells
  • Ribbon Wands
  • Glow Sticks
  • Real flower petals (Must be cleaned up after or arrangements can be made with Station 3 – dependent upon quantity of flowers a small clean up fee may apply) 

Station 3 Venue Managers/venue Coordinators:

Venue Sales Event Coordinator: Shellby Bresson

 Day of Event,  Venue  Coordinator: Thutrang "Mimi" Mai

Day of Event, Venue Coordinator: Thutrang "Mimi" Mai

  Bar Manager: Ali Nematpour

Bar Manager: Ali Nematpour

  Day of Event,   Venue   Coordinator:  Taylor Ballard

Day of Event, Venue Coordinator: Taylor Ballard